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Writing in Lojban

Why You Ever Do That.

I have been migrating some of my blog posts and essays into an artificial language. The language, called Lojban, is only spoken by less than one thousand people around the world. Why am I switching my main blogging language from well-spread languages like Chinese and English, to a language that is only spoken by a tiny group of people?

Languages, created thousands of years ago, define rules to form texts. We speak and write down those texts to communicate. As mediums, texts exist in the daily interactions between people, in the event of reading books, and in the whispers of our brain while we are thinking. After all, texts, as mediums, can never exist alone. They must find their own existence through actions in time.

And in those actions, we want things and people involved to understand, and more importantly, not to misunderstand. We can carefully play with words, picking the one that precisely describe our intended meanings, and organizing sentences so as to make readers understand. However, it makes the writing second-handed – the writing is processed so much that it nearly loses its original meanings. And those misunderstanding still occurs so often just in grammar – what does this “it” refer to? What do you mean by “a little girl school” (a small school for girls, or a school for little girls)? Instead, a better approach would be to adopt a language that is specifically designed to avoid misunderstanding and ambiguity – for here, it’s Lojban. The language itself deals with grammar so great that there are just many things that can cause misunderstanding you can stop worrying about.

Writing in Lojban also helps avoid casual specious eyes. You can’t just have a glance and make an interpretation about what this text is about. You need to sit down to read if you want to understand it.

Lojban seems to be a perfect security model for me. It protects my writing from being misunderstood (which is the threat). However, for the spirit of sharing, everyone has the key – you just need to spend a little time to open the door.