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Natural Language Processing for Chatbots

Extract Intents and Slots from Sentences.

February 25, 2016

Recently I came across a tool called Amy on the Internet. It is a chatbot that works through emails, which can help people to schedule meetings and manage calendars. The conversation with Amy starts like this, you receive some emails from your friends for coffee or meetings, and you forward the email to Amy:

Amy, can you find 30 minutes for coffee at my office?

The bot will then handle the rest conversations to schedule the time, and finally insert an item in your calendar.

This is convenient, so recently I tried to build a chatbot like this for my own. Fork the source code.

The Problem

When a user sends a message to the chatbot, two kinds of important information needs to be extracted. The first one is the user’s intention, or intent, about what type of information the user is trying to say. The second one is necessary arguments in relation to the intent, or slots.