August 13, 2015

It is my last day at Recurse Center. Faculties are setting up the projector, and a few minutes later, I will do my last Thursday Presentation here.

I heard of the idea of Thursday Presentations the first week I came to RC. It is simple – each Thursday, people sign up and present things they have built or learned. I nearly missed the first one, for that I fear to speak publicly. However, after some mental struggling, I was presenting, people were laughing, and everything went well. I continued to present for the second week, and the third week, just about things I built and learned. I felt I benefited from it a lot, and it resulted in a little echo and inspiration in other people’s mind. As a result, for the twelve weeks I’m in RC, I presented twelve times.

And I want to continue it, so as people usually do when they decided to commit on something, I created this blog. There will be a post every other Thursday talking about things I learned and built in the past two weeks, just as how Thursday Presentations at RC works.

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