About Thursdays

Thursdays is an project that aimed at producing an programming essay every other Thursday. Unfortunately it is not active now. During its lifetime, 13 essays about logic programming, compilers and artificial languages, were written.

Table of Contents

  1. Thursdays and RC

    After My Last Presentation at Recurse Center.

  2. First-class Predicate

    An Introduction to Mm.

  3. Inductive Logic Programming in microkanren-in-minikanren

    Implementing inductive logic programming by implementing a logic programming language in a logic programming language.

  4. Terminal Emulator in Reagent

    Writing a Terminal Emulator in Reagent.

  5. Pagination for Multilingual Jekyll Website

    Sometimes Pagination is Hard.

  6. Loops in Netwire

    A Thing You Should Know About Functional Reactive Programming.

  7. Draw a Jellyfish

    How to Draw a Jellyfish in Javascript.

  8. Hack the Ship's Internet

    Adventure of hacking for Internet access on a ship.

  9. Tic Tac Toe in miniKanren

    Simple Good Old-Fashioned AI.

  10. Pivot Table in miniKanren

    Pivoting Backwards.