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Programming over Network.

How hard is it to transfer everything in a program through network? Well, usually, in general, really hard.

For example, program A wants to tell program B that “Amy is Bob’s mother”. So program A just transmits that through the network, “Amy is Bob’s mother”. This can make program B really confused – “Who is Amy?”, it may ask. If program A tells program B that “Amy is a person”. This again may confuse program B, because “What is a person?”. If program A again says “A person is someone that has a head, two arms and two legs”, program B may be more confused, because “What is a head? And what are arms and legs?” So forth, and so on.

And while it is a hard problem, there’s no general solution around the Internet. You will find solutions that solve a specific problem, for example, in the situation when you have all the communication protocol clearly defined. That’s the problem that ‘seed’ tries to attack – to find a general solution of that hard problem.

At the same time, ‘seed’ is also a Lisp interpreter, if you know what I mean.

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