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Codes are languages

And computers are people, too.

There are usually three important things involved in writing a program – the programmer, the machine, and the user. Programmers write codes, and codes are used to talk with the machines – to be able to deliver the correct the result – the users – to communicate the result clearly – and the programmers – to make other programmers understand. This chapter introduces a portion of my open source projects of importance. It tries to make both technical and non-technical readers understand what those projects do.

Not all projects are introduced here. For a complete list, check out my repositories.

On this page

  • Figure: Fig Powered miniHeroku.
  • Iftime: Time and Logic.
  • Jing-logic: Tic-tac-toe Game in miniKanren.
  • Mm: microKanren in miniKanren.
  • Munje: Programming in Logic.
  • Rect: When Functional Reactive Programming Meets Multiplayer
  • Reread: Article Recommendation.
  • Seed: Programming over Network.
  • Tersku: Lojban Speech Recognition.
  • Universe: Large Amounts of Dots.