Table of contents


What should be said in the beginning.

The first chapter projects introduces a portion of my open source projects. Those projects are mostly about functional and logic programming, and the introduction is meant to make both technical and non-technical readers able to understand what those projects are about.

The second chapter thursdays contains notes about specific programming topics. In the past, I talked about drawing jellyfishes, meta logic programming, and statistical relational learning. The chapter updates with a new note every other Thursday.

The third chapter reflections reflects on things I did in the past. The notes are about what I did right and wrong during the time of founding a startup, or attending an interview, or thinking about philosophical questions.

The forth chapter twelves involves topics I have previously thought about. The topics range from hacker cultures, to rationality, to writing and traveling.

The fifth chapter encyclopedia uses the format of an encyclopedia to talk about everything I care about.

The sixth chapter talks recreates talks and presentations (mostly technical) I did in various places.

The last chapter notes holds notes that I find interesting but are not fitted in the above chapters.

I hope you have a good time reading.

Words of Thanks

First of all, thank you for reading this notebook. Without you, all my writings and codes would be meaningless.

I owe many people notes of personal thank-you. Some of them I still have contact, but many of them I haven’t kept in touch for a long time. As I am writing a notebook, I would like to silently write down their names, because it is important to say “thank you”, but sometimes I treat it too casual, and as a result, forget to do it.

Among people who helped or influenced me in my life, to whom I owe many notes of personal thank you are, in some vague semblance of chronological order: Haixiang Tang, Zhengyou Tang, Pili Hu, Tim Chan, Byron Choi, William Byrd, Mary Rose Cook, Thomas Ballinger, SoonKhen OwYong, Rui Chen, Bradley Boccuzzi, Haimeng Zhang, Shuwen Sun, Xi Wen, Xiujie Sun.

Notebooks in Other Languages

Notebooks in other languages are also available. Currently there’s a Lojban notebook la efku and a Chinese notebook 早 安,世界.


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