Table of contents

Wei’s Polkadot validator

Intent to validate on Polkadot

Validator setup

With Polkadot’s launch, Wei intends to create a validator service on the network.

  • The commission is 0.001 (0.1%). Probably one of the lowest you can find!
  • It aims to be secure, following the best practices of secure validator setup.
  • It aims to be eco-friendly. Reuse spare server resources that are already maintained by Wei when possible.
  • The service is proudly deployed with NixOS!

For questions or issues about this validator, contact Wei by his email (

The validator addresses are:

  • 14ShUZUYUR35RBZW6uVVt1zXDxmSQddkeDdXf1JkMA6P721N (Wei)
  • 13eKBARPFWBdXJAKg4fBTNUfcz4YAYfDTetRRApuz1kTDVDg (Wei/2)


Wei is a core developer working at Parity Technologies. However, this validator service is independent and is not endorsed by my employer.