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Wei’s Polkadot validators

Intent to validate on Polkadot

Validator setup

Wei’s Polkadot validators are several independent validators running on the Polkadot network. They are set up to be secure and reliable, and all follow the current Polkadot validation best practices. There are three validators in total. Two of them are with the goals of high availability and performance. The third one is with the goals of supporting decentralization and eco-friendliness.

All validators are proudly deployed with NixOS!

For questions or issues about Wei’s validators, contact Wei by his email (

Validators with high reliability

Two validators “Wei” and “Wei/2” are set up to provide high reliability. They run on several high performance bare metal servers in a datacenter.

Those two validators have been running non-stop since the beginning of Polkadot launch, and have never missed building a single block so far.

The validator addresses are:

  • 14ShUZUYUR35RBZW6uVVt1zXDxmSQddkeDdXf1JkMA6P721N (Wei)
  • 13eKBARPFWBdXJAKg4fBTNUfcz4YAYfDTetRRApuz1kTDVDg (Wei/2)

Validators for decentralization and eco-friendliness

Validator “Wei/3” directly runs from Wei’s home.

The validator is mainly to promote decentralization. You often hear the critiques by some, that for a PoS blockchain, nearly all validators run on AWS or Google Cloud. This is not only about risk of centralization, but also, those cloud providers can have downtime, and any downtime brought by them can cause a large number of validators to be offline. Polkadot’s consensus algorithm tolerate if a single validator is down for a while, but penalize if a large number of validators are offline at the same time. By not running the validator in Google Cloud or AWS, the validator is actually less likely to be slashed due to downtime.

In addition:

  • The validator runs on green energy (hydropower and solar power).
  • The validator has its own public IP address.
  • As commerical offices exist in the same block, the Internet provider has reasonable downtime guarantee (2 hours), and even with that they’re unlikely to cause major problems to Polkadot validations.
  • In the situation where downtime is expected at Wei’s home, the validator will be temporarily moved to a datacenter to continue its operation until the issue is resolved.

The validator addresses are:

  • 133RrftUsSWPy2X7drXcBQ7y9VFGFVzLwC4hcaJb3HcmLEPN (Wei/3)


Wei is a core developer working at Parity Technologies. However, this validator service is independent and is not endorsed by my employer.