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Wei’s Polkadot nomination guide

Choose your desired Polkadot validators

This guide is about points to consider, on how to choose Polkadot validators. Polkadot network uses Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS), and a fundamental assumption of NPoS is that nominators are rational. Both for maximizing your own nomination rewards and for protecting the network security, it is important that you treat the job of nomination seriously.

Nomination means full trust

In essence, you should only nominate validators that you fully trust.

Nomination is not a “safe” action. In NPoS, your are expected to fully trust your validators, by fully sharing both the rewards and slashings. Trusts cannot only be established by any metrics, and thus, it is recommended that you contact the validators personally before you nominate them. This usually means sending them an email. You can use the opportunity to get an overall sense of the validator operator, and to understand some of the following issues:

  • The setup of the validators. Server configurations, monitoring, backup, and whether the operator follows other best practices.
  • Commission fee guarantee. How the operator determines the commission fees nominators pay, and what is the pre-announcement period when a commission fee change is about to happen.
  • The self-stake of the validators. It is a common practice for validator operators to run their own nominators, instead of putting the self-stake solely on the validators. In many cases, to understand the actual self-stake of a validator, the only option is to ask.
  • Whether the validators sufferred past slashings or offline events. You should independently verify them. A good operator seldom or never has any slashings or offline events. If they do, you want to ask them about what they have done since then to make sure it won’t happen again.

By contacting the validators personally, you also get a sense of the responsiveness of the operator, because you might need to contact them again in the future.

Independent validators offer smaller risks

In Polkadot, certain diseconomy of scale measures are employed on-chain. This means that independent validators actually offer smaller risks compared with larger validator operators. In general, you are less likely to suffer from slashings or offline events when you nominate independent validators. This is true no matter you are a whale or a small nominator.

Recommended numbers are as follows:

  • No more than 16 validators on Polkadot.
  • No more than 80 validators on Kusama.

An operator usually uses a single deployment pipeline to run all validators. For a large validator, a mistake in the deployment pipeline may mean many validators will be offline or slashed at the same time, while for an independent validator, a mistake in the deployment pipeline only means several validators being offline or slashed.

Polkadot NPoS algorithm uses super-linear slashing and conditional slashing for offline events. Super-linear slashing means that the more validators committing offences at the same time, the higher the penalty. Whenever a large operator makes a mistake, the slashing penalty will be considerably high. Conditional slashing for offline events means that slashing only happens if more than 10% validators are offline at the same time. Both of those rules favor independent validators over larger validator operators.

Check your nomination list periodically

Nominating is not a “set-and-forget” action. For set-and-forget nominators, it is really likely that they might suffer from low rewards and possibly slashings.

You should check your nomination list periodically. In case of doubt, it is recommended that you contact your validators, or temporarily remove them from your list, because, as said before, nominating a validator puts your full trust to that validator.

Many validators also have announcement mailing lists or channels. If you nominate a validator, it is recommended that you also follow those channels.

Metrics that do not matter

The above points are everything that it is absolutely encouraged for nominators to consider. Some guides will give you some additional metrics, but they are either recommended against, or only matter in certain situations. They are described below.


In the wallet interface, you will see a profitibility calculation in the staking UI (called “return”). The “return” is an estimation and only takes account of two values, the current actual total stake, and the commission fee.

In many cases, this does not reflect the actual rewards you might receive, as the actual rewards are determined by the era points. An operator might be using suboptimal or even faulty servers to run validators in order to save cost, with significantly lower commission fees. It will show in the staking tab as having high “return”, but the actual profitability will be low, together with significant risk of slashings and offline events. As a result, you should not only use the “return” calculation to determine your nomination list.

Instead, use the strategy described above and contact the validator operators personally. You can also use an informational website (like Polkastats) which will show you a validator’s average era points.

Choose more validators

You should only choose validators that you trust. It’s not needed to choose more validators, as long as any one of the validators you have chosen are usually in the active set. On the other hand, until you establish trusts with all validators you choose, having more validators in your nomination list is significant riskier.

During a staking era, any one or more of the validators on your nomination list (without any ordering) might become your active validator(s). You will then fully share the rewards and slashing with your active validator(s). Choosing validators you don’t trust therefore introduces significant risks.

Oversubscribed validators

Oversubscription does not affect the total stake, and it only matters when your staking amount is low.

To check if you will be affected by oversubscription, check the current nominator list of the validator and find the lowest staking nominator. As long as your staking amount is higher than the lowest staking nominator, you will not be affected by oversubscription. Of course, you may want to leave a little bit of leeway as other nominators may also be considering joining.


The appendix was last updated on 12/12/2021. If you find it outdated, please contact

Past slashings on Polkadot

  • Jaco (1ufRSF5gx9Q8hrYoj7KwpzQzDNqLJdbKrFwC6okxa5gtBRd): Equivocation slashing. The cause was related to deployment and migration of backup nodes. As it was determined that the documentations at that moment is not sufficient, the slashing was reverted. You can read more information on this at Jaco’s blog.
  • Web3italy (16QFrtU6kDdBjxY8qEKz5EEfuDkHxqG8pix3wSGKQzRcuWHo): Offline slashing. As it was determined that this happens together with another large offline validator operator, the slashing was reverted. You can read more information on this at Web3italy’s report.
  • Allnodes (15ML93PH72j5fFfqLrXRy7uDh7pUBCTUcSVYbaDV18LaTfeW): Equivocation slashing.
  • Qinwen.168node (12vCVEpCz81rvS23PEJQ6KBDbPWgvyVX5Q1PrgQbVvLc4i2Z): Equivocation slashing.
  • SNZPool (1k3BnDokEUazQLdMrnJyhJtBUHqNLwB7WjhaDBv9QL7sp2Q): Equivocation slashing.
  • 15oTVrSsB9VU7EwvJ4WJ2QSb7ehfyWirbtVcTFcYd7PhpD1V: Equivocation slashing.
  • 12BJ7EMWbr7fGVu2DspPtGbxCCdJUfAMVbJtCm6xPEf4WGiS: Equivocation slashing.
  • 13AtGSHJaDZrLHELmK6iKAuaAKHcetrH73N2KEb5M5SX1yDR: Equivocation slashing.
  • 16Asi8JS7rqSGwB4qSfT2Q1wAJwoa1czzrnRz8vqYn1yv6r4: Equivocation slashing.
  • 1CKUGhSt9nkJ7EcitGvrKN67937XssYvYfdd58KiLKC219S: Equivocation slashing.
  • 16cbiWb41qEEAdMv826ugzbRqWaXSnQY9e1oRhvrrZVDvKQD: Equivocation slashing.

Past offline events on Polkadot

  • Zug Capital/09 (1zugcaiwmKdWsfuubmCMBgKKMLSef2TEC3Gfvv5GxLGTKMN): 12 offline offences.
  • DICO (14BB4ZbvPadELb1jBhbJq6GbECvBfkxFmohybYexzpE4KMq2): 3 offline offences.
  • Listen (1hJdgnAPSjfuHZFHzcorPnFvekSHihK9jdNPWHXgeuL7zaJ): 13 offline offences.
  • Web3 Venture Capital (1pbMtabBc9MNJcam4o8uHGymybvPcnkU5AGmpSmUpms7SWh): 9 offline offences.
  • DokiaCapital (1WG3jyNqniQMRZGQUc7QD2kVLT8hkRPGMSqAb5XYQM1UDxN): 11 offline offences.
  • General-Beck/Laniakea (15MUBwP6dyVw5CXF9PjSSv7SdXQuDSwjX86v1kBodCSWVR7c): 9 offline offences.
  • Binary Holdings /0001 (13UQKb6cQ3cvDTdMRTDcydUBmJ3cSYp64Y8R7Zenc29NZ39x): 9 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/20 (1zugcagDxgkJtPQ4cMReSwXUbhQPGgtDEmFdHaaoHAhkKhU): 5 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/04 (1zugcaebzKgKLebGSQvtxpmPGCZLFoEVu6AfqwD7W5ZKQZt): 10 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/08 (1zugcajKZ8XwjWvC5QZWcrpjfnjZZ9FfxRB9f5Hy6GdXBpZ): 12 offline offences.
  • Chorus One/chorusone-5 (12C9U6zSSoZ6pgwR2ksFyBLgQH6v7dkqqPCRyHceoP8MJRo2): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/48 (1zugca3sakAjzRV6XHNqb4aZUhSwTTm318o7spZytyu96qN): 6 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/69 (1zugca5vShmziYd1JC8x3usWVB12Lt3RTH8b2QRe8bC1zrQ): 6 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/15 (1zugcaxRrQDr7ktb6SpjVMkywys2ysoZWBfUfs9CDPwFVHC): 6 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/03 (1zugca8p9rquswKkHtVKmzR6Z8R9PAmj8MGL1x3HArdAp1J): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/64 (1zugcaQMPJ1s5Snjy51hTReuoth4YLd39VmuRjTsxArFfmq): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/02 (1zugcaaABVRXtyepKmwNR4g5iH2NtTNVBz1McZ81p91uAm8): 10 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/01 (1zugcaaaDTLhG77kp7PBPpWiaUWTND9oKNcNM94StNStnuw): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/27 (1zugcab6MjhEwA3DvbFBwgrUTpkjr6A7J8W6nUibY5MuQa3): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/05 (1zugcabTuN7rs1bFYb33gRemtg67i4Mvp1twW85nQKiwhwQ): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/06 (1zugcabYjgfQdMLC3cAzQ8tJZMo45tMnGpivpAzpxB4CZyK): 6 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/18 (1zugcacYFxX3HveFpJVUShjfb3KyaomfVqMTFoxYuUWCdD8): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/10 (1zugcacan4nrJ3HPBmiBgEn2XvRMbehqvmzSQXT3uLBDkh3): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/19 (1zugcag7cJVBtVRnFxv5Qftn7xKAnR6YJ9x4x3XLgGgmNnS): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/07 (1zugcaj4mBMu7EULN4rafT5UTfBjbvqaoypZyxWa3io6qJS): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/23 (1zugcajGg5yDD9TEqKKzGx7iKuGWZMkRbYcyaFnaUaEkwMK): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/22 (1zugcakrhr3ZR7q7B8WKuaZY5BjZAU43m79xEyhNQwLTFjb): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital (1zugcapKRuHy2C1PceJxTvXWiq6FHEDm2xa5XSU7KYP3rJE): 6 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/13 (1zugcarJnZ4ft2PiJoGg6DgmZjnKNBrcKTFrAzhGPCX6bJ5): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/16 (1zugcavJYzi2KErZy9CMbLANhfrFwMESgPz9q29eUCR5gTW): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/12 (1zugcavYA9yCuYwiEYeMHNJm9gXznYjNfXQjZsZukF1Mpow): 7 offline offences.
  • Zug Capital/11 (1zugcawsx74AgoC4wz2dMEVFVDNo7rVuTRjZMnfNp9T49po): 7 offline offences.
  • QINWEN.168Node (1gpCRov55rqmNaoEVRNAUCCYVzSGghitLNabng8UHVGwv1g): 9 offline offences.
  • Pioneer (129LBt5T1eYtnGHbPYeiiMdmWfokCiiq7z6JBfjnYifiombz): 1 offline offence.
  • TheGuild (16HvKyV9B61hsop3ZY6pWYeV537S29kd9pb9FMrPzx49ym5X): 3 offline offences.
  • TigerPro Capital (168HGqVpaHsEyeYH3kgLfYKXsATkp1ZYyo3p71ixcZM837jT): 3 offline offences.
  • prematurata (155tk9HmeJGsNZtA5LFasSCGZCdpAb2P2Gs6ej9JeP38sAww): 6 offline offences.
  • stateless_money (12713bbq45c66CN9AD7yusSXWE1kY91DcMpjVcB2rXqZKy2w): 1 offline offence.
  • IOSG Ventures (1RG5T6zGY4XovW75mTgpH6Bx7Y6uwwMmPToMCJSdMwdm4EW): 12 offline offences.
  • Polkadot Go Lunar/001 (12Czh4LvGEf1AmD6R5t4tFwvq3ZVfBJtJAkxqKkBCB7yYGsg): 3 offline offences.
  • Tsuki /0 (14zGLKbiqsLHLoiT1vh7rEr556EW14Sci3dzv426eLSjapTR): 6 offline offences.
  • (15rb4HVycC1KLHsdaSdV1x2TJAmUkD7PhubmhL3PnGv7RiGY): 1 offline offence.
  • STAKE LINK/001 (1sh6y8SMuseeuxn8JyW4eUHbJrLevi7ASH1TJQqb3DFjAYe): 4 offline offences.
  • HuobiPool (1sywP45NcZSQ3ev8WfcLZNm8hwCUiKzNYHmECpR9nYMAtMA): 6 offline offences.
  •[1] (1JoBYyPoUdsuU7vZi3KgQAaQYn6WhKqUDXRDmsaJ8Zgxr4T): 1 offline offence.
  • CRYPTIDS/FRANK (1StVBqjDJKogQTsLioHC44iFch1cEAv2jcpsnvsy5buBtUE): 2 offline offences.
  • Ruby-Node (13mjnUDrHwYGATFB1FkFkZ1U3kYFsAQfHYTdcc8p3HP1xzZA): 1 offline offence.
  • PolkaStats (15psTaipmWG86U5vNkF7Guv9TRPMRLKHkGS8cXT74v3RCC5t): 1 offline offence.
  • HYPERSPHERE/2 (13ipDQNbLFes8SdFKa8dbsg3bDjuxWj8MWYCRhhEEBLdEDXt): 1 offline offence.
  • (1LMtHkfrADk7awSEFC45nyDKWxPu9cK796vtrf7Fu3NZQmB): 5 offline offences.
  • (1RJP5i7zuyBLtgGTMCD9oF8zQMTQvfc4zpKNsVxfvTKdHmr): 6 offline offences.
  • (12wtfs4UfodYT1Y6y8NQsQaduLSJbhz7oaNt1F6gTLFHD1y5): 5 offline offences.
  • (14g7XsFWsMpsPNkwQNhdHfsqKRehdRbpPLaGVTEhBe4Pt3Eu): 6 offline offences.
  • (16A1zLQ3KjMnxch1NAU44hoijFK3fHUjqb11bVgcHCfoj9z3): 6 offline offences.
  • (16aThbzrsb2ohiLXJLqN8jLST6JgUPRi3BqyHxUW4yVHBQ44): 5 offline offences.
  • NOTARASPBERRYPI (15D9vUtZLkCBBqq24134ae11TBEHzwGkaLhAwse7n4ieSxv7): 2 offline offences.
  • SynerWork Inc (13YNhNr6GU9YkHabngRx5SXMcwhPkXuzapywp7pyYtM9ktZS): 1 offline offence.
  • Day7 (15cfSaBcTxNr8rV59cbhdMNCRagFr3GE6B3zZRsCp4QHHKPu): 5 offline offences.
  • RockX_Polkadot3 (14N5GT7YTaDBSsLpfxxtCxNdYfgDofGj5wQSfqC1URKHdT8C): 2 offline offences.
  • RockX_Polkadot (14Y4s6V1PWrwBLvxW47gcYgZCGTYekmmzvFsK1kiqNH2d84t): 8 offline offences.
  • PRIVI (1neXTM8up9RyGtM3xPT9mkJ8vUXf7cvpee4AoVj5CBhS2Bm): 6 offline offences.
  • YellowFin Tuna (12MgK2Sc8Rrh6DXS2gDrt7fWJ24eGeVb23NALbZLMw1grnkL): 3 offline offences.
  • P2P.ORG/3 (15qomv8YFTpHrbiJKicP4oXfxRDyG4XEHZH7jdfJScnw2xnV): 3 offline offences.
  • MantraDAO/01 (14B2ArWoQKrZy6mcHF6St6GKajTX1WzUAqpQhiVs7Bkq8n7W): 6 offline offences.
  • NeNa (131Y21vAVYxm7f5xtaV3NydJRpig3CqyvjTyFM8gMpRbFH1T): 2 offline offences.
  • XiaoGong (1341kcAXqyA5ZJHBdPoLeHsDtmqLBZ2qm5Hu7e9tDR9Jv5RM): 1 offline offence.
  • XiaoGong/04 (14oTqhVovqnamxu2SiP79WfJMvhRRwiF4d2Hjs25d4SDQNjJ): 1 offline offence.
  • RockX_Polkadot2 (1qGNHjLAmMiAaD2cfoQhh5ejtT54Lj4aERom7tphVFuJ2Eo): 1 offline offence.
  • Figment (138QdRbUTB9eNY94Q4Mj5r39FkgMiyHCAy8UFMNA5gvtrfSB): 14 offline offences.
  • HODL.FARM /C (11VR4pF6c7kfBhfmuwwjWY3FodeYBKWx7ix2rsRCU2q6hqJ): 1 offline offence.
  • Figment/1 (16a4Q1iudXznPBx3CzJRaxXtYNenzGAZXdBZZkc5KrNxLXFP): 3 offline offences.
  • STAKING FACILITIES/STAKING FACILITIES #1 (15Sf82YbMQjtpgnExXFxzrwTsAXJKHVU9tzQV6WizAPo1dfL): 6 offline offences.
  • STAKING FACILITIES/STAKING FACILITIES #2 (165JpxmCRi28GwbFAjjrD74FTfGdLfHi1LUGMaYLjziDvi4r): 8 offline offences.
  • stateless_money/1 (14Vh8S1DzzycngbAB9vqEgPFR9JpSvmF1ezihTUES1EaHAV): 1 offline offence.
  • P2P.ORG/54 (16fznKHPzUUt2QkxB7v9JiPCz7N9j4cBBCjvRKYzf1Gksh8d): 6 offline offences.
  • HashQuark/4 (12KoQFveGCXS5m1uANBZNo22j86GVmaD8i1N6t4UxVaPxKuU): 2 offline offences.
  • - Realgar/AZIMUT (14j3azi9gKGx2de7ADL3dkzZXFzTTUy1t3RND21PymHRXRp6): 1 offline offence.
  • P2P.ORG/23 (129TM37DNpyJqtRYYimSMp8aQZ8QW7Jg3b4qtSrRqjgAChQf): 1 offline offence.
  • binance_stake_1 (1v7QwYLMaABh7eyFKN9PHbKquAyPt6PtcYZZWvf12KV5pMk): 8 offline offences.
  • JOIE (15DLJZ4ceN58vEgDiQjK8JsSJuLNBqhUnQ6QCY1QNSjrQntm): 4 offline offences.
  • akru (15akrup6APpRegG1TtWkYVuWHYc37tJ8XPN61vCuHQUi65Mx): 2 offline offences.
  • Shad (16PVNBGgWd6PzkzERZcjqWdXnKYBX6YSWNKY7svMYzG5XuEo): 3 offline offences.
  • Able Wanderer (121MinkJ9wuYCjRVoA3FtEpM16mjiqchtcV51MdGjf7jsq3i): 3 offline offences.
  • AWorker-001 (13EAmr66rhEEXD8mq5wiqvJ2aHibBYebF1ys9JRi1qyVjQyk): 1 offline offence.
  • AWORKER-002 (12j2Cii99aT1K3kJQmz2JvPHURecq7BevCmtNx2g61kDqsBb): 1 offline offence.
  • Chorus One (121GBc2ZK53Uoc6JovJjU7zARH8fys5efyUfHKT9vABpqajx): 7 offline offences.
  • 162DmeD1MHpWQhv8NPz7zbUEfCyTfG4Tuqz7P7852KiY2wXz: 7 offline offences.
  • 14GUw7ET8qjnwfCpj4XThCCvJ3YmiH1SyS5R1XxNdmhgF59V: 4 offline offences.
  • 1q8V2rW87n5BSVVuX7CHZpD1JHvXRDUKek22dbJpyY1EVLQ: 6 offline offences.
  • 1UXHrSXuGyjZeq1ZaJqXnwxySUk3depQANWBTaZHX833DQc: 6 offline offences.
  • 12reLvFFsVGfH3FY8vzroJuftNBbqJyrrjjNPiFHXnp5kUST: 6 offline offences.
  • 13udQHLoe9iGuAbxhTz8HSTYPqBeTSDfx3cvowik9kJessPG: 6 offline offences.
  • 14oLVPbdykTPoez6r8MJDj4fTb93ZZ2KgoLhsv5dJ7gLXB2y: 6 offline offences.
  • 1hYyu9C3dupTiKGMNcrCRK6HVPS7LYznuofDXsia3N1W6AK: 6 offline offences.
  • 155VVGqaxRKRruVD9J8urHDsd7XiaToCxiTwQ9QxsxMGtJ9j: 6 offline offences.
  • 165LPQijvZdnmxcuCfxGWvcoSVtoJnCFm1UjjijzsSGGAk22: 6 offline offences.
  • 16AwfzpzDpz4V8ikgvgqmgdBoAfrS3LJY1fwGuq8aiKX4ZaZ: 6 offline offences.
  • 11MJU5Q1rQh5BKuuECePhSAutv3WEVx6f2x9eZk9HXkCC1e: 7 offline offences.
  • 1CKUGhSt9nkJ7EcitGvrKN67937XssYvYfdd58KiLKC219S: 6 offline offences.
  • 1F13pZ5nZZsK96UBS8Rjj97wYVtpZvE7SGADiwVrfbkrAWK: 6 offline offences.
  • 1264tb9azwmsVruJFTQ3PKb8yCPjniBVyUV8ppsmbXz8D2Bw: 8 offline offences.
  • 126CY11joFMpakVSRra9LtNFYWuUzbtA9BcGPpaEvn7R8RkN: 6 offline offences.
  • 12BJ7EMWbr7fGVu2DspPtGbxCCdJUfAMVbJtCm6xPEf4WGiS: 7 offline offences.
  • 12HTVpN7smNqUwbM5ART7dpoEV1rcY8itrKKMCzGikrJJo6A: 8 offline offences.
  • 135wKSGZpQcTrhmFju9VeKC68gMBMsCYpSNtDyoqj3BVSZ1R: 7 offline offences.
  • 13AtGSHJaDZrLHELmK6iKAuaAKHcetrH73N2KEb5M5SX1yDR: 6 offline offences.
  • 13arSPsihdfLnYzKhwXTJQAjejxTdbXwpMKUeTUq45mvR5K9: 7 offline offences.
  • 14MWxXZza2FNBzuy52V8Mu6aU5tQeFcqEuLYah8NQbrmRbez: 6 offline offences.
  • 14TQq9qpindSq25rqa9sbEGtmLWDLvjPWnvEuDrnRYeWUk7i: 6 offline offences.
  • 15UtQRzd9oM2UznsAsfi6rRAh2oo5vjoXgeaqf8rJBKhnTrr: 7 offline offences.
  • 15oTVrSsB9VU7EwvJ4WJ2QSb7ehfyWirbtVcTFcYd7PhpD1V: 7 offline offences.
  • 16Asi8JS7rqSGwB4qSfT2Q1wAJwoa1czzrnRz8vqYn1yv6r4: 9 offline offences.
  • 1Za3ySR1uPZAyquT7CMqKLpwSsSa1AwvP9zsUKtgvFw4x6P: 3 offline offences.
  • 1xBr1qhk9P5xoMtWYTM9ryosSUgwshb5NGdkUkG9gbTo1s2: 3 offline offences.
  • 14g5HTJmicBMfquLVG2qutjbEUn7Bgy2LbAKbc7b65GJ7Qpj: 8 offline offences.
  • 14aTxLv6PYCVwDdHAi9ZY4YiY65jebHexzbu5nQXERWRb1sV: 2 offline offences.
  • 15thjfpZX1xVcsnfya1oXmbXzau2on5abAc4XXYP62SNwwQQ: 1 offline offence.
  • 15rQD4ykz4uRD7YGdTpMT8UmgkNDJRKckZbAocALndBVzCjf: 1 offline offence.
  • 1215rveMmTH6QorxMQsbEeDrTvDhzT4KtvUpypnrbrDPHFq2: 3 offline offences.
  • 1UMgfwDQU3W5MCTmwQ1VQn6TDUK6GxUGc61HLCEZppqZ5MW: 1 offline offence.
  • 148ADE3THVr8C6pkkmvmdNtuu3XVVBCHVSy2su7EXgZzRBpQ: 5 offline offences.
  • 15VJJiNF7fUJvdjuvyWQCkqgNGvhmwtJh8sC5QpG3pX6uMZN: 5 offline offences.
  • 1dquPs8HbmkE5Zw6i6PA4VtVstjtaFCzxugSX1h9ujoNWpZ: 5 offline offences.
  • 144QovJpwiT9fbvGPC8K8kgMnFz53CCVNjUyt52KbNT2Zzd: 5 offline offences.
  • 1Tc62hRA1Jv5Dm7pxsgzyYPpTSZRA4bGxNT1PjQPdYNYbPB: 2 offline offences.
  • 17bR6rzVsVrzVJS1hM4dSJU43z2MUmz7ZDpPLh8y2fqVg7m: 1 offline offence.
  • 12MqEB7VLqKRgxCoGZXriPuo4GNYtaFiQ1tjMZhooPXAycM2: 18 offline offences.
  • 16FUnnZX7h11sxio9wu6DGGqD66z5vXxNLcXuSJFWFAjkaZ5: 1 offline offence.
  • 16QFrtU6kDdBjxY8qEKz5EEfuDkHxqG8pix3wSGKQzRcuWHo: 4 offline offences.
  • 1Y6WgLRtW6JxmZjSNYsJ9b6JzuF8Kdd7t9kUNiYk9SJXraW: 2 offline offences.
  • 14TFQiKmAXBqozphG4Njjhbic5Ggqt3eekFN7CAojyCALKEx: 2 offline offences.
  • 16VW8qAsdpQkGj3VeennjAYfRfL9kSQed2bLyiFWT7JHwkMh: 2 offline offences.
  • 1oAzPf1r4hzF5qZV6gn8mmgNW9oCi9SWok4AABKQGUF5GQ9: 3 offline offences.
  • 133oKX5ZFB89mfwd7T6qUsoLGYfoh63UBced6p6byBp64Kke: 2 offline offences.
  • 1w7UoHMRC6zg99knXxCAANXuJDQcQTYiPqaR6xENcWjmboH: 2 offline offences.
  • 14dv1F9is1AFxwWVNg4biriUMn8MGeAkNUyeNiyYLJ1sfD3a: 2 offline offences.
  • 12imvKbAU8s48GesMbA9FMsUm7hSj3hypP393M6BjhVXYTcC: 3 offline offences.
  • 16WU9RRW2XjnfzrdMJa2JHmXfeCyWGRayWHNQCT8r16KnrQd: 2 offline offences.
  • 148YtoGH1R5N1TrXucBw1Pic3TkZgimENXtbjRPFofTH8dBR: 2 offline offences.
  • 1LDcQr7LaqTHwfiZMk6iiR4yGTc1fsRsrrLKMuuT8joHMZZ: 2 offline offences.
  • 14LoxdARuKPDR6kW2TqT7WWKJyjk2vDghmtLSanyggSSbv3g: 3 offline offences.
  • 15cxZZjXGTW9Pubd11yeUjuHoqnVrY9hr5guGmDBEJzAcQUD: 2 offline offences.
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  • 14q4f6CVXWbn2x6si2VayXoZ85augv3nAuHZc1Kc2jeFNnPe: 2 offline offences.
  • 12n6PpScSThLK3WLj7wv64ancFWfg6PxGoAsh8scKS5eqsap: 3 offline offences.
  • 16NCSbjNt8PnpccX3UDAzJTAEuDLScZTLvJFZ5U68hrowQx6: 2 offline offences.
  • 1FCu68ZwBHNzZLcGa92eHwvR61hk3MpjrhiqN96xF9vWS1Q: 2 offline offences.
  • 12eiHNkmLaaDMGx6z3P4tbiojWK6g1hKku1N6pxmrxbhGuau: 2 offline offences.
  • 14FYEWpz2JtBBNp2a2KHLr4d6NB3AJX16Zhr4KjAuoL2kxdR: 3 offline offences.
  • 14UieaEqDLiybuL5zHYribzkJGgEN8jJr77j9QdsJeaEUT1F: 3 offline offences.
  • 1iWxBav4YCEtYCVNL5dSJcYSTVoyPnzdoVrHFXbSAm3xyye: 3 offline offences.
  • 14yVcx8AtnmaZMCZWVp8AKDgnAYdjeQjAbPL1HbvPxr74Fsf: 3 offline offences.
  • 1ymFTWD7p8UbkTP85WKXjvBktYG51utKTUw88CiVHTqo4Hw: 3 offline offences.
  • 12GyddkN9Mo7MeEvqcyPSFSX2CNmCECB5ezzdRBvbeujSbqm: 3 offline offences.
  • 1YqYHy3dvtC4YGCSUnU67x3qgqCdo56XvYYhWV5LaERytST: 6 offline offences.
  • 12GfbefRxy4aXD635UGUftBh4tzRrofnMK5WfZDVAAtz49oc: 6 offline offences.
  • 12ivLi4gPZTCLmkaq3CTVHggp7DYv9UW7H4APFnYepWcDaRm: 6 offline offences.
  • 16ZzMovSVVLU5oP2o5PwNG2ybbdT2diiKPAsz6J37myEGsDw: 6 offline offences.
  • 15YRTixjLrknN97vqRoVQmmaagfWk2TsmFWqTj6RDfTS2SUE: 5 offline offences.