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Wei’s Polkadot council profile

Intent to run for council on Polkadot


Wei is a core developer working at Parity Technologies. Wei works on Substrate’s consensus engine (BABE and Sassafras) and the Ethereum-compatibility layer for Substrate. Wei also maintains the Core Paper documentation site.


Wei believes in consistency and focus on long-term solutions. Consistent goverance brings trust to users, as it allows people to know what can be expected next. Wei wants to promote diversity, avoiding echo chambers. A short-term plan is to propose to Polkadot’s ecosystem to organize regular events similar to Monero’s weekly Skepticism Sunday for open discussions about things that it hasn’t done well in.

Wei also firmly believes that voting is only the last step of democracy. Detailed discussions and community engagements are essential before voting, in order to better understand the proposals, look into any potential issues, and avoid unnecessary contentions.


Things related to community engagement that Wei wants to do in Polkadot:

  • Propose and promote Polkadot’s version of Skepticism Sunday, where we can openly discuss things that we haven’t done well in regularly.
  • And more to be added later!


Voting history on Polkadot for the record.

  • Remove sudo runtime upgrade (Council motion Aye, democracy referendum Aye).
  • Enable transfer runtime upgrade (Council motion Aye, democracy referendum Aye).


Council membership address: 14ShUZUYUR35RBZW6uVVt1zXDxmSQddkeDdXf1JkMA6P721N


Everything on this page only reflects Wei’s personal opinions but not his employer.