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Rim, Rust, Run.


June 18, 2015

I reached the end game of Rimworld today. The spacecraft was launched, and the team was recused. The game ended by making all team members go to long sleep and giving away control to an AI system. There’s no clue what the AI will do, however, as the script says:

Your AI will now try to guide the ship to a safe place. It might deposit you
on a better planet in this system. Or, it may undertake a centuries-long
journey to another star. It might even decide to hide under ice on an
asteroid for a few thousand years, waiting for a better period of history.

You'll find out when you wake up.

Recurse Center

May 18, 2015

I will be joining Recurse Center in summer, 2015. Recurse Center was once called “Hacker School”, which in my opinion is a much much better name. However, it seems that media and ordinary people don’t like either the word “hacker” or the word “school”. Well, how terrible are their childhoods…