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Pop, Puppet, Python.

Pop Songs

March 25, 2015

My mom loves pop songs. They are those songs that echo the pop culture of China in 1980s. In my memory, related to my mom, pop songs always happened together with joy and happiness. Either it was because my mom’s happy, she played pop songs, or it was because she played pop songs, she’s happy. I still remember when she told me how excited it was to see the Tigers playing in New Year’s Gala. However, I always hated pop songs. They were noisy, and represented a sense of abandoning oneself to vice. So I often rejected it, and sometimes, angrily powered off the radio, the TV, or whatever it was playing.

One of my seldom experience of enjoying pop songs was in the TEDActive conference. I remember in the background it was playing Happy, and people started to cheer and went on stage to dance. I followed the crowd, and I can still recall those friendly people and the happy faces. It was amazing.

I still don’t feel like pop songs, but now, they make me think of my home and my friends.