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Milk, Machines, Multiverse.

Milky Way

December 30, 2014

It is getting harder and harder to see Milky Way with bare eyes. You can’t see stars inside cities, and you need to go far away from them to find the sky dark enough, and all stars appear. I remember a night when I was in Dali. It was cold, and there were no people on the street, since people living outside cities usually go to sleep early. There was a full moon. Its lights pooled down to the lake below. With the wind, there were like white fishes swimming around. And I looked up at the sky. I saw stars. It was the milky way.


May 18, 2015

There is the only program that I want to write when talking about machines:

(def (live x moment)
  (exist x moment)
  (live x (inc moment)))

(run* (machine)
  (live machine))


August 28, 2015

If we define universe as time and space we can sense, we will get several different universes. Those universes have clear borders, which is not governed by the physical law, but the point of view of human beings.

In order to identify those universe, let’s consider the most basic sense in the universe, touch. Touching is the interaction happens with two objects close enough. If I am sitting on a desk, I touch the desk, and the desk touch me, because we are close enough. A computer is on the top of a table, because the computer touches the table, and the table touches the computer, and they are close enough. The sense of touch is like force in physics, but from a human’s point of view.

Some objects can touch each other as long as they are close enough, like me and the desk. We categorize those objects together with the time and space, and call it a universe. Physical objects can touch each other, so they belong to Universe 0. However, on the Internet, or on any digital device, no physical objects can touch any program or any source code (if they are close enough, the physical object would destroy the program or the source code), but those programs and source codes can touch each other, so they belong to Universe 1. Using the same method, we find all thoughts, logic, and beauty in our mind is in Universe 2.

However, two objects cannot touch each other doesn’t mean they cannot influence each other. We type in commands on a laptop through keyboard, and the thoughts in our mind influences our behaviours. It is clear those objects in Universe 0, Universe 1 and Universe 2 belongs to a bigger universe, which is the Multiverse.

(Note again that the above explanation is from a human’s point of view, but not actual physics.)