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Buildings, Bicycle, Bus.

Buildings in France

September 13, 2015

On my way to Le Havre to board the ship, I met Thuy. She was an outgoing girl, and always spoke with a sense of seriousness – you could not ignore her while she’s talking, because there were always such strong emotions in her words that forced you to listen.

We caught up a train, feeling exhausted after moving all our baggage on board, looking out of the window to enjoy the beautiful country view of France. Thuy was overjoyed, and she started to talk with us about her love of France.

We crossed by a valley. Looking out of the window, there was a huge grassland in the middle of it. Hills beside it were occupied by houses and churches. The style of all the buildings followed a certain pattern – it is usually light yellow or brown. The roof were usually inclined and roads went directly upward the hills. Together with the beautiful nature sight around them, it gave me a sense of nature and peace.

Thuy excitedly talked about all the countryside buildings in the north of France, and expressed her plan to live there after she retired. Although it would be nearly 50 more years for her to carry out her plan, she would have a high chance of success, for human beings all love beautiful and peaceful things.

Bus Ride

October 1, 2015

On my way from Dubrovnik to Zadar, there was a moment when the bus stopped. It was at a bus station that surrounded, on the one side by trees, and on the other side, by the ocean. I noticed a small dragonfly rested on the window near me.

The bus started again, and as it went faster and faster, winds were outside the windows, stronger and stronger. Strangely, the dragonfly was still sticking on the window, with its wings disordered, and its body in a distorted shape. I thought it mistakenly stuck on the window somehow and was going to die.

The bus soon reached another bus stopped. The moment the bus stopped, the dragonfly waked up and flied away – it turned out that the dragonfly was taking a bus ride.