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The encyclopedia of everything

How to write just about everything.

This chapter is an experiment. It explores the ways of recording an ordinary life. Recording everything that people do could be boring. The boredom comes directly from our expectation – we know what will be happening next. You get up, go to class, have lunch, go to class, have dinner, and sleep, and another day. Everything is expected. Unexpected things can happen, but not as often as you want it to be unexpected. However, as people seek for the unexpected outside of themselves, they often forget, that they themselves can also be a source of the unexpected. And this encyclopedia tries to record the unexpected of ourselves.

On this page

  • A: Abc, Artists, Amazing.
  • B: Buildings, Bicycle, Bus.
  • K: Kindness, King, Kamma.
  • L: Lojban, Lunar, Life.
  • M: Milk, Machines, Multiverse.
  • O: Open, Over, Ok.
  • P: Pop, Puppet, Python.
  • Q: Quit, Quine, Question.
  • R: Rim, Rust, Run.
  • S: Social, Sad, Survive.
  • T: Think, Time, Try.
  • W: Wei, Will, We.