Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. – Albert Einstein

About This Website

In this website, I talk about “real” stuff, or anything that involves me (that is, “Wei Tang”). I write about computer science, philosophy, and occasionally about art and music. Topics ranges from Functional Reactive Programming, why we need details in writings, to why I failed in my first startup.

Besides, if you want to know more about me:

  • Above all, meet me in person! Ask me if you want to know where I live.
  • Send me an email.
  • For most of my time, I develop softwares. So check out some of the source code and my Github.
  • You can also find me on ~zod, a Solri galaxy.

{ni’o mi tavla fo lo jbobau}

Table of Contents

  1. What's New

    New Articles, New Thoughts.

  2. Thursdays

    A Project about Computer Essays

    Thursdays is an project that aimed at producing an programming essay every other Thursday. Unfortunately it is not active now. During its lifetime, 13 essays about logic programming, compilers and artificial languages, were written.

  3. Journals in Place

    Something Worth Recording.

    This chapter deals with some technical projects that I worked on. Currently there are two – one is about writing a microkernel in Rust, and the other is about my Google Summer of Code experience of working in a Julia project.

  4. Miscellaneous

    Useful information about me.

    Random notes and collection of talks I did belong to this place.