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Here are various essays related to multiple methods of how to do a specific things. Currently it mostly hosts stuff related to Ethereum Classic. Those are maintained by Wei Tang.

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic Essays

Essays related to improvements in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic development.

  1. A Non-Hard-Fork Approach to Precompiled Contracts

    How to add new precompiled contracts to an existing Ethereum blockchain without hard forks.

    Ethereum’s precompiled contacts create “shortcuts” in the Ethereum Virtual Machine to speed up common computations like elliptic curve and SHA256. In the past, adding a new precompiled contract requires a hard-fork of the whole network. In this essay, we show that there is a way to adding new precompiled contracts without needing a hard-fork, and why this approach is safe.

  2. Ethereum Reliability Engineering

    Analysis and summary on how Ethereum consensus bugs are debugged.

    In this report, we analyze past Ethereum consensus incidents, and attempt to form a general framework for Ethereum Reliability Engineering. While we try our best to improve the software engineering process to prevent bugs from happening, it is also equally important that we have methodologies in place to react, in case a bug does happen in consensus. This reduces the amount of work Ethereum Core Devs need to do for firefighting, so that more time can be focused on developing and delivering new features.

  3. Versionless Ethereum Virtual Machine

    Redesign the virtual machine for the future.

    If we have the opportunity to redesign the Ethereum Virtual Machine, improving its backward compatibility, making it friendlier to feature upgrades, and completely disregarding all the history burdens we have, what will we do? In this article, we try to explore on the question, and document the evolved specifications and rationales.