The Ethoxy Initiative was created around December 2017. It was originally an attempt to facilitate non-consensus-layer specifications for all Ethereum-like blockchains. The initiative is really small, but it served its propose – a blockchain, called Ellaism adopted a similar process to ethoxy/specs. I’m happy to announce that another project, called multi-geth, will be maintained under the Ethoxy Initiative.

A Geth Distribution Supporting Multiple Blockchains

multi-geth was originally developed by the Ellaism Project. It is a fork of go-ethereum that supports multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Ellaism. A recent hard fork makes Ellaism not feasible to support go-ethereum any more. As a result, the project is decided to be turned over and maintained under the Ethoxy Initiative.

Just like how you can access multiple networks in Parity, multi-geth’s end goal is to gain compatibility. With this nature, our maintenance process is pretty simple: with every new release of go-ethereum, we apply a small patch, whose only propose is just to add additional blockchain supports. And we tag it and make a release. That’s it.

With this, besides using this for your favourite Ethereum-like blockchain, it also benefits you in that:

  • It can acts, as the README describes, a drop-in replacement for go-ethereum. We promise nearly nothing will break, because our patch is really small.
  • You can apply the newest non-consensus-layer improvements on Ethereum to your favourite Ethereum-like blockchain. For example, light clients and EIP-706 (snappy compression) work out of the box for Ethereum Classic, given you have a neighbor multi-geth node near you.

And that’s all. Hope you enjoy the project! Credits should go to the Ellaism Project which started it and maintained it up to this point.

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December 10, 2017

Parity, go-ethereum and SputnikVM

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