tcidu bau la lojban

The multiverse, she said, was like an old library whose shelves were packed with books arranged by a cataloguing system that ranked them according to similarity, each book containing within its covers a story that varied only slightly from the stories of its immediate neighbours, but by increasing degrees from those of increasingly distant books. – Paul McAuley, Evening’s Empires

About That Multiverse

Here are illusions, dreams and imaginations in the form of science fictions, essays, computer arts and algorithmic music. Each of them has its unique rules and settings. Those multiverses are mainly maintained by Wei Tang.

If you are looking for real stuff, go to Wei in the Real World.


  1. Wei in the Real World

    The reality as Wei understands it.

    Prehaps reality is the biggest, and the most persistent illusion that everybody has. Isn’t it?

  2. Essays

    Wei's essay repository.

    How to do various things in detail.

  3. Lambdanistan

    Projects as designed and implemented.

    Design documentations for several computer science projects.

  4. The Braiten

    A Braintenberg-ball simulation.

    Not yet finished, The Braiten is a simulation similar to the Braitenberg-ball simulation – one of the zero-player games.